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You deserve a predictable and reliable roofing experience that will impress the neighbours and leave your lifestyle uninterrupted. This can be tough in a largely unskilled industry that is built to reward speed first. We see the struggle and are resolved to change the way the roofing industry does business. Through a guiding emphasis on strong individual character, competency, and proven processes, we deliver the roof you need and the experience you deserve so you can live more and worry less.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sure West Difference can be summarized in three brief phrases: Strong teams; Community; Proven Processes. It’s true that a great service starts within! We value the wellness of each individual and encourage a growth mindset for all members of the Sure West Family. Our environment calls to character and we nurture that with systems and processes unique to Sure West Roofing. It is through this method that we develop individual / team competency and ultimately create value for our communities. We are better together!

Absolutely! We do believe in moving towards the digital but not at the sacrifice of personal interactions. When you call Sure West for your replacement estimate, the first item of business will be to schedule your free in-home consultation. We will use our satellite service to get your measurements before-hand, which means our team member will arrive to your appointment with numbers in hand. After a quick on-site assessment to ensure that all the details match, we will sit down with you and walk you through the finer points of our estimate and processes.

This is a great question! And, the answer is YES! Sure West carries a liability policy of $2 million, which protects you in the unlikely event of faulty workmanship leading to damage. All of our team members are also covered by WCB, which provides you with the assurance that any injuries sustained on your property will be addressed properly and will not fall back on you.


HINT: As a homeowner, it is your right to ask for a copy or your contractors coverage. It’s not only your right, it is advisable!

Our company was founded on a belief in education. This is a rarity in the industry and we are very proud to say that we are Red Seal Journeyman Certified. We also carry an active business license in the municipalities we work in. Other certifications include First Aid and Fall Protection. TIP: Did you know that laws regulating the roofing industry in Alberta are changing? Contractors are now required to obtain and carry Journeyman Certification as well as compensate their team members according to the pay schedules set out by the province. Inquire for more details and ask all potential contractors to show how they are adjusting their processes to comply with the new regulations.

This is an important one! There are a few great ways to tell if a roofing company is serious and if they are built to stand the test of time. At Sure West, we take this very seriously and are actively engaged in continually improving our visibility. Consider the following when evaluating your contractor:


  1. Physical Commercial Address

  2. Well Maintained Website

  3. Active on Social Media Channels

  4. Visible Across a Variety of Online Directories

  5. Ongoing Marketing Presence

  6. Branded Vehicles, Job Sites, & Staff Attire


We live in a digital world and it is more important now than ever that your contractors understand and embrace this. As a consumer, your best guarantee is a company with a reputation to maintain. At Sure West, we continue to invest in our digital reach so that you can rest easy and live more!


We do also offer a 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee. Studies show that most roof leaks manifest within the first 1 year after replacement. This means that with Sure West Roofing, you have a 10x margin of confidence!

It makes a lot of sense that homeowners would ask this question and we are happy to say that we have a combined 23+ years of experience. So much more valuable though than our length of time in the industry is our emphasis on systems and processes that are rooted in education. This is how we are gaining a reputation for consistently great quality roofing services in Cochrane, Canmore, and The Calgary Region.

Because we're not just roofers..

In every shingle laid, we’re not just building roofs; we’re elevating trust!